Pitfalls Of Buying A Used Car

There are more complaints about used cars than any other purchase - 84,000 in the past year according to Citizens Advice. If a car passes the test drive, we highly recommend ponying up for a history report that will give you a boatload of information including if the vehicle has been in any major collisions, has liens against it and whether the odometer has been rolled back. Check beneath the car and under the bonnet for rust and any signs that the car's been in an accident. These enable you to buy a car without the bother of visiting a showroom - but be wary of ads shouting about massive discounts.

Payment method: Pay with a credit card rather than a debit card to avoid holds on other funds in your checking account. If your vehicle is a Certified Used Vehicle you may be able to get an even lower rate subsidized by the manufacturer similar to new car rates. All car manufacturers offer warranties, so ask the dealer if that warranty can be added onto the car you intend on buying. Consider at least three to 10 options, and driving several vehicles before deciding on a particular car. If your warranty is backed by a car manufacturer, contact the local representative of the manufacturer.

If you're going to finance your used car, then you'll need a few things to apply for a used car loan. This is because of the depreciation of the value of the car with age and number of owners it has had. If you are a car salesman or used car sales south wales car saleswoman and have 300 customers and the industry average sales cycle is 3 years, then every year you should be selling 100 cars.

Once the payment and paperwork is complete, and you have purchased car insurance, it's time to relax and begin enjoying your new purchase: the best used car your budget can afford. Second, I use kbb and edmunds to find the private party range, and I only look at used car prices for good condition or average vehicles. Sometimes the price quoted may be a few thousand more than what the seller is expecting, so you can select accordingly.

However, if a car has travelled more than these indicated distances on a yearly basis, then it is advisable that you not buy the car. Check if there is any kind of unwanted noises or vibrations coming from the car engine or other parts while driving the car at different speeds. Buying a new car has the main advantage that you will be the car's first owner.

Many of us may remember when buying a used car ranked right up there with a trip to the dentist. If you have your own car insurance, check with your insurance company to see if you can drive someone else's car. You wouldn't want to buy the car of your dreams only to have it drain your bank account because you didn't factor in all of the costs of ownership. Make sure you run a vehicle history report on any used car you are considering buying. There are similar pros and cons to buying privately, with a few additional ones below. This can be very helpful when you need to verify that the car is returned in the same condition as when you borrowed it.

What worked in my favour was it was one of the more popular cars from one of India's most trusted car makers, it was silver in colour (silver and white have the best re-sale value), it was fuel-efficient, and well-maintained. Dealers often give warranties on approved used cars, and will have made the car look and feel new, with faulty parts replaced before sale.

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